Sunday, April 26, 2009

As Boredom Strikes....

As boredom strikes, hence a new blog is born into the digital world of heart-pouring and instant therapy courtesy of modern technology........ Blogs are fast running the businesses of physical diary makers into the ground! As we click away on the information super-highway, we sometimes fail to realize that we are making ourselves open to so many people out there. But then again, see if I care! I'll write if I want to, and if you want to judge me for that, so be it!
Life behind the scenes of a radio station is great! And of course once a week I get to go on-air and terrorize the listeners with my nonsense. But I've also gotten some great reviews, so to the critical ones, take a number and don't hold your breath!
Speaking about taking numbers, a friend of mine gave me a great advice regarding the opposite sex. Tell 'em to take a number! Hahahah....... Of course I have to add the don't hold your breath part, because I just might not get back to you!
Had a great phone conversation last night with another old-time girlfriend. It's amazing how when you've been friends for almost ten years, you just don't judge each other anymore. Petty things like that are just not worth sweating over. I can tell her anything and she'll listen and impart some comments (if it isn't an original, it's usually a quote from FRIENDS), but all in all the comments are usually what you want to hear and not some preachy remark.
It's a Sunday and I'm at the office. Working on a Sunday is like having chocolate fudge sundae on a day that your tastebuds have decided to go on a vacation to a land far, far away! It ain't all that bad, though. Tuah came by to pick up Teja for a lunching session at Pavillion.
Oh and by the way, for future references; Tuah is the man I love and Teja is yours truly.
Back to Tuah and Teja. They initially planned on hitting Low Yat to buy a thumbdrive. Many months ago when Teja finally decided to warm up to the idea of virtual saving, he bought her a 2GB thumbdrive. He had wanted her to get something of a bigger capacity, but she insisted that 2 was more than enough. However today, Teja is realizing that 2GB is monkey doody compared to the increasing number of crap she has to lug around. So she finally wants to purchase a bigger capacity thumbdrive. At the same time, she's still wondering why on God's earth is it called a freakin' thumbdrive. But anyhoo, even if it's called a boobdrive, it doesn't really matter. Important brain cells are being wasted on petty things such as these. So Tuah picked Teja up at her office and they headed in the direction of Bukit Bintang. Unfortunately, other people were also trying to get to Low Yat (probably wanting bigger boob oops I meant thumbdrives as well) which means the traffic was horrendous. So Tuah decided to go somewhere else and Teja was agreeable. The thumbdrive can wait. Getting out of Bukit Bintang was beginning to look like an impossible feat; climbing up Everest would probably have been easier. The best course of action then was to turn into the parking lot of Pavillion. With the thumbdrive quest out of the way, Tuah's main aim at that point was to get Teja to a food establishment as she was already whining out of hunger. They then decided on lunching at the food court of Pavillion. The food was so-so; Mickey Mouse would have had better luck in the kitchen. After lunch, they decided to walk around Pavillion to window-shop and people-watch. The crowd was a mix of weirdos and family people and those who didn't even qualify to be called people. But Tuah held Teja's hand and started to sing out loud; a repertoire of songs ranging from the likes of A Whole New World to The Sound of Music. That made the crowd seem like miles away because Teja was laughing and felt like the world belonged to her. After Tuah had had enough of the crowd, they left Pavillion. The traffic was still horrendous. Teja insisted that Tuah drop her off by the roadside; across from her office so that Tuah won't have to brave the same traffic twice. He was reluctant but when Teja starts to insist, it's best for whoever around her to simply adhere. After imparting words of wisdom such as "Don't talk to strangers" and "Walk away from any suspicious characters", Teja kissed his hand and walked out of the car. In the drizzling rain, she walked back to her office and finds herself again in front of the computer not knowing what to do....
And that is the story of Tuah and Teja for today!
The clock is now ten minutes to 8pm, and I hope the traffic is already easing up. Driving in the jam in KL will someday be the cause of my blood pressure rising!
'Till we meet again tomorrow; eat, drink and be merry!

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  1. babe~ get urself tumbdrive by online.. do u thk tht internet just fr FB n blogging?!! heheheh