Monday, May 25, 2009

Part 2 : Eccentricities of the Male Species

We are now entering Part 2 of my take on the eccentricities of the male species. In my observation, I have recognized how certain similar things that both men and women do can generate such intensely different end results. All things considered, we really don’t have much of a choice. Either you live with this condition, which I believe is already a general law akin to Galileo’s theory that the earth is indeed not flat or you end up living alone in your old age accompanied by 40 cats, or you become a lesbian. It’s pretty obvious, if you ask me. For as long as men can breathe and eyes can see, the battle of the sexes will never cease to baffle even the smartest of us.

Relationship is like a game. As much as I don’t want to play, somehow I get caught up in the web of its maddening intricacies and end up becoming a player or the one who gets played. I keep telling myself I don’t want to. It’s a ridiculous game. Sometimes it’s amazing how you can see the amazing simplicity of the whole situation, but enter John Doe and voila it’s complications galore! As my saying goes, life is complicated enough without us having to go and make it even more complicated. But no, they seem to love complicating things. Perhaps it’s the challenge that fuels them. Without complications the male species would probably shrivel up and slowly evaporate into thin air! What’s frustrating is that more often than not they do not realize that they are making our lives a living hell. They are absolutely unaware that the challenge and thrill that comes from them complicating things is the reason why most of us feel like banging our heads against the wall half the time.

Did you know that the male symbol of the circle and the arrow (it’s actually supposed to depict the shield and the spear of the Roman God Mars) is also the alchemical symbol for iron? Perhaps that is why they are such a hardheaded species. Keras macam besi. As the old Malay adage goes.

In this second part of my ranting and venting, I shall list several examples that have been noted down from experience. If you identify with any of these, then you have officially been the victim of male eccentricity.

Situation Numero Uno: Phone Calls.

Ever noticed how when you are calling your man and you can’t get through, and you end up leaving more than 10 missed calls on his mobile; you usually get chastised for it? They will say things like, “Call sekali cukup lah, I know lah when to call you back!” However when you reverse the sexes in the same situation, the end result is the exact opposite. Your man is looking for you and leaves 30 missed calls on your phone alongside a few text messages frantically wondering where you are. Do you chastise him for that? Of course not, because stupidly we think it’s sweet that they have been trying so hard to get in touch with us. Little do we know they have somehow sub-consciously gotten to us making it impossible for us to get mad at them for doing the same thing we did.

Find this interesting? Read on.

Situation Numero Due: Arguments

He has done something to piss you off. You rush off to see him determined to give him a piece of your mind. On the way there, you mentally list down all your points that further convinces you that he is definitely in the wrong. You are sure. You are absolutely certain. There’s no way in hell that he can be right this time. You are ultimately sure of this; as sure as 2+2 equals to 4. You get there. You see him. You list down your facts and points of argument. He cuts you off midway (or in some rare cases he lets you finish rambling first) and argues his side in a most convincing way. Hell, OJ Simpson would have hired him on the spot! He is still wrong though, but his argument somehow manages to mess with your ability to uphold your stand and suddenly you start to think to yourself, “Maybe he is right.” Voila! Again he proves to be the manipulative, conniving being he actually is.

Situation Numero Tre: Set in Their Ways
Ever noticed how it’s always okay for men to be set in their ways, but for us women, we always have to be prepared to change? For example, if they don’t like to go to the movies, it’s because they’re set in their ways and God forbid that we try to change that. But if we don’t like to go hardware shopping for example, suddenly we’re not supportive of their interest!

Situation Numero Quattro: Privacy

Now this one really stumps me most of the time. I will never ever be able to understand men’s take on privacy. Digest this: Your mobile rings. You pick it up, answer the call and yak away to your heart’s content. The minute you hang up, you will hear this question, “Who was that?” The same thing happens when you receive a text message. And us, being women, being mushy beings, being the ever soft-hearted species, again find it sweet that they want to know, perhaps we even feel a bit flattered that they are probably jealous as to who’s in contact with us, and we answer the question without much hesitation. Again, reverse the situation and you get a different outcome. Their phone rings. They answer it. Or a text message comes in and they reply. We ask them, “Who was that, sayang?” And the answer you get? “I don’t like my privacy being questioned.” Basically they are subtly saying it’s really none of your business. The same thing applies to what we do when we are not with them, or what they do when they are not with us. They can ask us where we are and we will of course answer without even blinking. But when we ask them, they start to get edgy and say things like, “I’m really not comfortable when you start to question my whereabouts. Some things are private.”

Explanation? Men. The three-letter word is rather self-explanatory.

Situation Numero Cinque: Time-Off

Notice how men are always the ones asking for a time-off? Women hardly do that. At least not the ones I know personally.

Situation Numero Sei: Driving

You are both in a car. You are driving. You get into a fight over something. You get all stressed up. Suddenly, you start to take it out on the road. You drive fast; neglect to signal your turns, perhaps on occasion run a red light. Yes, this behavior is not right. But what I am more interested to point out here is the male reaction to this behavior. Here’s what they will say, “Why are you driving like a mad person? Can’t you keep your emotions in check? Don’t take it out on the road. Bla Bla Bla………..” Again, reverse the situation. You are both in a car. He is driving. You get into a fight. He starts to drive like a madman. You say, “Why are you driving like this? Slow down, for heaven’s sake!” And his reply? “This is my car, I’ll drive however way I want to!”

Situation Numero Sette: The Unfazed Species

Men can also be labeled as The Unfazed Species. The next time you get intensely stressed out after a fight, take a few seconds to look at him. More often than not he is totally unfazed. Maybe they are better at dealing with their emotions but come on, wouldn’t hurt to show some reaction once in a while. Some men may be good with all the other stuff in a relationship like carrying your shopping bags for you, coming to your aid when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, nursing you when you’re sick, buying you your favourite food, bla bla bla, but when it comes to the emotional relationshippy stuff, they become totally and completely unfazed.

Again, explanation? Men.

So there, I have listed out 7 situations that further clarifies the fact that the male species are amazingly eccentric. And yet we can’t help but fall in love with them. Aah…the vicious cycle of life. It’s inevitable. Like Mondays will always come after a great weekend. Like you always get hungry a half hour after having Chinese food. Male-female relationship? Inevitable. Pain equals to pleasure.

Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them.

And that concludes Part 2 of the Eccentricities of the Male Species. Stay tuned for more. So long as men can breathe and eyes can see, I will always have something to pen down about the opposite sex.

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