Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Take a Number!

I'm trying very hard to be a constant blogger but I guess I just don't have the discipline. Although constantly I do come across various happenings in my life that I would like to blog about but by the time I get to a PC, I've already forgotten what I wanted to write about. Such is the insignificance of the idiots I encounter that warrants me to make a mental note to bitch about them.
Last weekend was by far one of the most fabulous weekends of my adult life! Had fun dressing up for the Awards and then had a super successful surprise Birthday Party for my sweetheart. Met the perfect 4-year old! She was sooo adorable I had to suppress the urge to pinch her cheeks!
Now the weekend is gone and the working week has started again. Aahhh....the vicious cycle of life....
I don't understand why some Malaysians cannot seem to comprehend the concept of queueing up but I guess that can be attributed to the fact that they are probably medically stupid; that's the only logical explanation.
I am looking forward to the two concerts I'll be attending this weekend. Black Dog Bone and Reunion Orkes Nirwana. Coming from an old soul like moi, of course I would look forward to these bands rather than Linkin Park or some other stupid crap like Hujan or Meet Uncle Hussein.
God knows what some of these people nowadays see in these stupid so-called Indie Bands. I don't mean to sound harsh but it's just not music. And I hate the way they dress when they perform, and their attitudes, my God! Konon macam bagus sangat lah tu. Please lah.... What the hell are they singing about anyway? Half the time I don't understand what they're singing about coz' I think I require subtitles whenever I hear them sing. It's mostly screaming and head-banging and just plain crap. And yet they are thriving these days. Everywhere I go it's Hujan this and Meet Uncle Hussein that, and then there's Bunkface or is it Buttface and Braindead or Brainhead or some other nonsense. Ingat tere sangat lah tu bagi nama band konon lain dari yang lain. Kalau music tu dah hampeh, letak lah nama apa pun. Sorry if I'm stepping on some toes here, but to me it's just not music.
Don't like my comments?? Take a number and see if I give a shit!

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