Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's that time of the month, so pretty much anything and everything would annoy me at the moment. It is at times like this that people around me had better be on their best behaviour. I can't seem to understand why a certain individual at my workplace is somehow unable to converse quietly over the phone. I don't mind if it's just short calls once in a while. But she is on the phone almost 95% of the time. And the way she talks just irks me because I don't care about her conversation however I have no choice but to accept the input of what she's saying or rather gossipping about because I just can't tune her out. I mean keep it down, for crying out loud. I don't know who's about to give birth, I don't care if someone is moving back to Timbuktu, I don't care if an old colleague is buying a house in Guatemala, I just don't care! So to all of you out there who work in an office surrounded by people, keep it down when you're on the phone!

Another thing that crossed my path and is annoying the hell out of me today is the phrase Pengurup Wang! I'm wondering what on earth is the root word for Pengurup?!?!!? Is it kurup? Or urup? Yurup? What the hell?!??! Seriously DBP, what do you guys get paid for? Sitting on your pretty laurels and not do anything else? Come up with informasi as the Malay word for information and then go on a 5-hour tea break?!?!?! I mean, come on! Seriously, that's not even trying. Hardly! And now with the PPSMI shit going on. I agree with Dr. M, in the future, Malaysians will become stupid. And of course don't even let me get started on the new ruling saying that from now on, all TV productions are to be either in complete Malay or in complete English. No more mixing of the two languages. We're in Malaysia for pete's sake! In the words of Douglas Lim, "go to the mamak and try lah ordering nasi lemak and teh tarik in English!!!!!!!!"

Tak habis-habis dengan ruling bodoh! They think they sit up there, high and mighty, and we the minions will have to adhere to their whims and fancies! Get real, go out and see Malaysia as we truly are!

Bullshit lah!

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