Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Roses!

On Tuesday, a bouquet of pink flowers were delivered to my desk at work! That really took me surprise considering the fact that all my life I've never had any roses delivered to me, ever! This bouquet was huge! Waay bigger than the previous one!

Bunga memujuk lah katakan! But it was sooo sweet. I mean who would've thought, Mr Macho and Cool himself would actually call up a florist and give descriptions for a bouquet of pink roses to be delivered to his girlfriend's office! Dah tak jadi lah nak marah lama-lama..

As you can see from the card, siapa lagi Mr Macho kalau bukan Datuk Laksamana Hang Tuah! Pening gaklah orang delivery tu nak mencari Yang Mulia Tun Teja kat Radio24! But that took my breath away. The simple words on the card. I was never much of a Sejarah Melayu type, but I'm beginning to enjoy the Hang Tuah-Teja love affair.

Hmm.......wonder how the next bouquet would look like.....hahahhahhaahh!

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