Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pink Is In!

I woke up today and decided to revamp my blog. Since pink is the color of choice at the moment, I decided to paint my blog pink too. Call me superficial, call me a dumb blonde, call me whatever you want. I can kick your ass all the way to kingdom come and I still enjoy pink. It's a cute color, it's a simple color. It's a color that brings you back to your childhood, where things were either pink or blue, depending on which reproductive organ you were born with!

Up next, I shall upload the pictures of my desk at work. Now that will surely blow you away!

I've decided to try blogging on a more frequent basis now. Instead of the occasional posting once every six months. Things are rather quiet at work today. Nothing new to bitch about, nothing much to rant about. Either that or the menstrual stress is slowly flying away. Until next month then! But there are birdbrains all around all the time. So it's not really dependent on the monthly women cycle thing. Birdbrains will continue to plague my existence for as long as they breathe the same air that I do.

Thank God for a certain job hopping dudette at work who makes things a lot better at times; in other words, bitching buddy! But we're not all that bad. We don't just bitch because we have nothing better to do, or because we think we're better than everyone else. Come on, sometimes it's just pure common sense. How difficult is it not to cross our paths? We are not super-demanding people. We don't set our standards so high it's totally out of reach. COMMON SENSE! That's all we want!

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