Sunday, July 19, 2009

Roses Are Red, My Love...

As many couples can attest to, arguments are part and parcel of being in a relationship. If I were to get a dollar for each time I fight and argue with my boyfriends (from back then till now), I won't have to work! I'd be set for life! Seriously I'm talking Tan Sri Azman Hashim loaded! Anyway, back to the point at hand, last Friday, had an argument with my boyfriend, but this time it was different. After an apology session at Secret Recipe (he was apologizing but of course I also share part of the blame; I can be somewhat stubborn at times!), he excused himself to go to the gents. I did not think anything of it, I just continued sitting at Secret Recipe, sulking. Then he came back about ten minutes later and placed a bouquet of pink flowers in front of me. Apa lagi, cair on the spot lah! And he had this cute grin on his face, and also he was singing a verse of this song:

Roses are red my love,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet my love,
But not as sweet as you....

Perempuan mana yang boleh nak keras hati lagi after all that?!?!?! I would have had to be a man not to cair at that gesture! Plus the flowers were a lovely shade of pink, my favourite colour, and the wrapping was also pink and yellow, very girly, very romantic, very cheesy but it worked! Cliches are cliches for a reason; because they work! And I'm a sucker for cliches! The flowers were lovely and his sincerity at apologizing just touched my heart to a point I just couldn't stay angry at him. So there we were, walking around One Utama, with a bouquet of flowers in my hand. He knew I felt somewhat segan, but he was milking the situation, I kept saying let's go back to the car, and he was insisting that we still walk around. "Jom lah tengok kedai ni pulak!" "Eh, what do they have here?!? Ada display best lah!"

So anyway, to sum it up, what started out to be a sucky weekend because of the fight ended up great after all. Loved the flowers and then the next day we had high-tea at Hilton, PJ, then drove around looking for a shoe store and then just spending time enjoying each other's company. I don't usually blog about what I do on a daily basis, but this time around I can't help it. As I look at the bouquet of flowers now sitting in a vase on my desk at work, I can't help but blog about it. Sometimes life hands you a load of crap, but sometimes it hands you pink colored roses that makes all the crap worthwhile!

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