Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Directorial Debut!

After almost ten years of devoting myself to the exciting yet gruesome world of entertainment in this country, I finally got myself a directing gig. It wasn't much but I cherish the opportunity. A big thank you to Dreamchaser Entertainment who placed their trust in me and allowed me to direct the video clip for Azlina Aziz's Di Sini Buat Pertama Kali! (hahahah now that's what I call a freakish coincidence! But that's another story!). So there I was, last Sunday, August 16th 2009, my concept, my ideas, my directorial debut!

Initially it was supposed to be Wajah Siapakah Di Hatimu, but someone made a ruckus and insisted that it be Di Sini Buat Pertama Kali. So I scrapped the ideas I had for Wajah Siapakah and came up with brand new ones for the Pertama Kali. Simple ideas, I wasn't even sure how they would gel together, but I had faith and I decided to go ahead and just do it.

The first location was Quattro at Avenue K! Macha's place.

Felt right at home there considering I've hung out there quite a few times. Did the first scene at the stage section of the Spring Lounge. The next scene was at the Rain Pathway. Beautiful corridor made for a brilliant scene.

If Azlina was agreeable to rainwater, I would have had the management turn on the sprinklers at the pathway but never mind, the scene still came out beautifully. Then we shot an autograph mob scene at the entrance to the Spring Lounge.

I had my doubts about the male model we were using but he turned out ok on camera.

The last scene at Quattro was at the Winter Bar.

After that we went back to the studio to finish up a few more scenes there and then at 10pm it was a wrap! I was on a directing high that was beyond words. Couldn't describe how ecstatic I was!

Anyway, yesterday I went to see the editor and we sat down to finalize some adjustments. The video looked great! I mean it wasn't totally fantastic, I know I could have done better, but all things considering it turned out absolutely great! Everything just gelled together brilliantly. Thanks to John, the editor who cut it up and joined everything together nicely.

All in all, can't wait for my next gig! Azlina Aziz was extremely nice and co-operative. She was humble and obliging. Very understanding to the fact that this is my first directing job. The male model also worked out fine although I had my doubts when I first laid eyes on him. With the exception of the Wicked Witch of the West whom I completely ignored throughout the whole thing, everything went off without a hitch! Oh and of course,how can I forget, a big thank you to Terry and Ray for believing in me!

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