Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have always wondered why do seemingly normal people can't help themselves from parking in handicapped spots? The kesimpulan is; they are retarded. So by that logic they qualify lah! Bengang gila when they masuk ikut sedap hati ja parking kat tempat handicapped. Bukannya matter of life and death pun, setakat nak pi makan McDonalds ja! Takpun pi shopping. It's really sad when parking authorities have to resort to cordoning off the handicapped slots with chains just to make sure non-qualified people don't park there. So the actually handicapped ones have to go hunt down for the authorities, ask them to remove the chains and then park. Tak masuk akal langsung. But I understand they have to do that sebab Malaysians are so considerate. They park at handicapped spots and make life difficult for other people.

Itu belum mention lagi pasal the double parkers. Or as I would like to call them, the double-fuckers!

But that's another story....

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