Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Want To Break Free....

The kid has grown. Yet the adult can't seem to accept it. The kid wants to roam free but the adult wants the kid to stay a kid forever. Think I'm talking about a parent-child dilemma? Not even close! I'm talking about the me dilemma. The person born 28 years ago is now a full-grown woman, but the full-grown woman wants to remain being a kid. How do you make these two worlds work hand in hand. Not an easy feat.

Sometimes I just wish I could throw in the towel and behave like a child for the rest of my life. But biology and the ever-moving process of time doesn't allow for that. Decisions have to be made, bills paid, work done, car driven, house cleaned, money made, life lived....the list goes on and on....

How do you stau a kid and adhere to the rules of biology and grow up?

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