Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Institution of Severed Animal Heads....

The time is 12.47am and I can't sleep....Hence the blogging....

There's something that was not quite right with the institution but instead of addressing the matter all they did was come up with reasons and justifications to appease the matter and basically they found a way to sweep it under the carpet. Little do they realize that the impact will be felt later on when the carpet begins to rise and is no longer able to withstand the bulk of shit that has and still is being shoved underneath it. And here we are today, carpet ready to spew forth the mess it has accumulated over the years. The result? Akin to opening Pandora's box. Or a more common saying; unleashing a can of worms.

The institution needs to realize that as time progresses, so does the mind. With great technology comes great risk. What risk? The expansion of the human mind. The ability for people to think outside the box. The masses' inability to merely take things in without asking any questions. That is the risk. And today the institution is paying for their lack of foresight that eventually people will start asking questions. People will begin to retaliate against matters they feel are suppressing their intellect and rights to a just and equal living.

It is actually a simple matter of common sense. It doesn't take a genius to realize that suppression no longer works. Neither does spoon-feeding. Nor does nepotism. The masses are getting smarter. No thanks to the public education system though. Our public education system doesn't even address matters like civic awareness much less inculcating decent common sense. How can we expect it to address matters of a more intellectual manner? The institution needs to wake up and realize that knowledge must be applied. It is one thing to teach children that 1 and 1 makes 2, but it's a whole other ball game to tell them that 1 bad apple will eventually spoil the entire bushel.

The problem started a long time ago. And today we are paying the price for having neglected to solve it back then. As much good as the institution of the past have done us, it has also done us a great disservice. It choose to reason and justify instead of address and solve. The institution did not bother to think of the consequences that might occur later in the future. The institution was so eager to break free from colonization they forgot to ask themselves, "Are we even ready?' As we can see today, history is repeating itself. The opposition are so eager to take over from the ruling government, they don't realize that they are actually not even capable to run a children's nursery, much less an entire nation. And the institution has been so comfortable in their position they forgot about evolution and intellectual progress.

Our nation today is a product of an escapism.

We wanted to run away from the Brits. We did it. Albeit with a hefty price to pay for the people of this country. We wanted to run away from the blue weighing scale. Selangor, Perak, Kelantan, Kedah did it. And look what's happening to us now. Citizens are voicing out their grievances. Citizens are getting arrested for voicing out their grievances. Political leaders are hurling accusations at one another. Places of worships are being torched. Severed animal heads are fast becoming the latest fad on the streets.

What does it take for the institution to realize that something has gone wrong somewhere along the way and they have to get back to the old drawing board and figure it out. Enough of self-agendas, enough of racial arguments and justifications. If I was born in this country, my Chinese and Indian friends were also born in this country, how does that make me more Malaysian than them? Just because my IC happens to read Malay as my race?

Problems can be solved if common sense is used in place of idiocy.

Put racial justifications aside and the institution will once again prosper; with its people backing it up. Ignore the problem and the people will continue to hurl insults and dance around sporting severed animal heads as the latest craze in accessories.

Pity the cows and the pigs. They want to die with their body parts intact. Very much like the rest of us.

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