Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oddballs in Life...

Sometimes I wonder what is the point of me blogging? Who reads it anyway? It's not like I'm famous. Celebrities can just write "I went for a haircut today" and you'll see tens of thousands people commenting on that! Alas, I am just me, an insignificant speck of protoplasm in this wide universe. However, I'll still write. Even if it means just taking up virtual space for my own reading and writing pleasure.

Was in a meeting over the weekend with some old farts who call themselves historians. The minute I saw them I knew they were nothing more than government officers who do nothing more than suck up to higher management. And of course the minute they open their mouths, plain crap. I don't understand why is it when it's an official government meeting, every person who wishes to speak has to open with the standard speech of acknowledging every single Dato', Tan Sri and Tuan Haji in the room. If you hear it once, you've heard it a thousand times! They have really perfected the art of wasting time!

And recently I just found out that a friend of my boyfriend actually went all merajuk mode when she wanted to see him and he couldn't make it because he already had plans with me. And if that's not enough, the day she asked to see him was Valentine's Day! I mean come on, are you seriously that stupid or it's just an act? Coz no one can be that dense! Apparently this particular woman, is!

Oh well, life is full of oddities and surprises. Once in while you come across the occassional oddball who either makes you wanna scream or just laugh out loud.

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  1. Farah, there really isn't much point in blogging, is there? But here I am, feeling like a voyeur after reading just one post and already wondering when our orbits will intersect - simply because I can tell from your syntax that you're an utterly befriendable soul in an extremely attractive package, and that's reason enough for you to carry on blogging! :-)