Monday, May 31, 2010

Things that make me go aaaahhhh......

Things that make me go aaaaahhhh and realize that life is beautiful, after all.... We kick it off with the man who drives me crazy and makes me happy all at the same time. The man who makes me laugh with his silly jokes, the man who isn't afraid of making funny faces and getting down on one knee in public just to put a smile on my face. The man who sings so beautifully and lulls me with Tidurlah Permaisuri over the phone before I go to bed (although he can never get the whole lyrics correct!). The man who peels off kulit rambutan and throws away the biji for me, not just one rambutan but enough to fill a tupperware! The man who feeds me food at the kedai mamak when I'm just being too mengada or too lazy to lift a finger. The man I call my Hang Tuah.

And here we have the tupperware of rambutan....
Next on the list of things that make me go aaah is something that some might say is a cliche but it still makes my heart go pitter patter, especially when it is delivered straight to the office to an unsuspecting me....

And now we have my weak spot. Something I just cannot say no to. The world's most wonderful sweetness in a cup....
What is life without music? Hard Rock Cafe is one of the places in KL I simply adore. It still plays ol' skool stuff like Born To Be Wild and Smoke On The Water and it satisfies my inner yearning for a big bad Harley!
Next on the list is my other Happy Place in KL. Schokolart at Solaris, Mont Kiara. It's a place that puts a smile on my face; the manager is a super nice dude, he already knows me and my friends and we always have fun there especially when we order this delectable Twosome Chocolate dish.And for those nights when I'm feeling a pinch of melancholy, what else is a girl to do but feel the love in the company of my Ramlee. Thanks to my sweetheart who taught me how to play this instrument; what was once just a distant dream is now a reality. All through my childhood days I used to take my dad's guitar and strum aimlessly, but now I can already make sweet music!
Another Happy Place that makes me go aaaahhh will always be KLCC. A place that has created so many memories for me throughout the years. Although I hardly go there these days, a smile will always break on my face whenever I pass by it or when I look at it from the parking lot of my office, all lit up beautifully, smiling down at the citizens of KL.

And of course, something that is close to my heart, and will always make me go aaaah is none other than mi familia....

Friday, May 28, 2010

Don't knock on my door....

I realize that my postings lately have been somewhat filled with rage. Perhaps that is just the analytical demon in me creeping to the surface; causing me to scrutinize every little detail, poring over every loose end, trying to make sense of everything that passes through my life. But then again, I can't help it. But things have managed to calm down at the moment. Yes I may still be pissed off at a certain New Zealander but I'm trying to block her out. Perhaps there is nothing to worry about. Or perhaps there is. My guards are still up but I'm just taking it easy for now. One thing to look forward to, she'll be out of the country soon enough and I'll hopefully be able to regain my sanity back.

What happens if you can't get along with your other half's supposed best friend? I mean I get along fine with his other best friends, but this one particular weirdo I just can't seem to accept. And I know she hates my guts too. All I can say is, good! A female friend has to know where to draw the line when it comes to your male friend who already has a girlfriend or a wife. You can't expect things to be like how they used to be. Things change.

Unlike the famous Jack/Janet/Chrissy menage a trois back in the 70s, this ain't like that.

Two's company, three's a crowd.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Be careful what you wish for.....

People say you gotta be careful what you wish for. All I can say is yes indeed, do be careful what you wish for, you just may never hear from me again. When you finally decide to come calling, I may not be here. Sometimes I don't understand why people choose to complicate matters. The way I operate is that if I like something, I say I like it, I hate something, I say I hate it. Why must we choose to go into the gray area and make things difficult for ourselves and those around us? Sometimes things are as plain as night and day. It's how you choose to interpret it and embrace it that makes all the difference. What can I say? It has never been easy. Ever since I could remember, it has never once been a smooth sailing ride. So what else is new? Gotta keep swallowing it till it refuses to go in anymore. I just hope it doesn't come to a point where I couldn't be bothered anymore. I am at a breaking point and I just don't know how long I can keep doing this. Until then, I'll be here. Until then, I can still be reached. Until then, I'll still be waiting. But after that? Who knows. I'll just hit the road again, like I've done before. This girl is a tough cookie but hey, even cookies crumble.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Take a hint, will ya?!

The only Monica I love is a chef and is married to Chandler Bing. 'Nuff said!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

an open letter to someone yang tak reti bahasa

To someone who is constantly causing me headaches,

So you don't want me to diss you on my blog? Because you so baik you never say bad things to other people on the air?! Well too bad. If I hated you before this, now I loathe you. I wish you would just go back to wherever it is that you came from and stay as far away as possible from us. I don't give a rat's ass how close you two used to be. Now you are just a pain in my neck. Are you 3 years old? Are your legs broken? I don't think so. Do things on your own please. Quit asking him to ferry you everywhere. You have no idea how much I loathe the idea of you two spending time together. At first it was weekdays, now you are encroaching on my weekend. Seriously, go back or stay away. I like most of his friends, they're wonderful people. But I hate. No we've never met but you've caused me so much heartache that I don't even want to be associated with you. Think, please. Stop acting on your deranged fantasies of wanting to be with him. If you still persist, ask him to end things with me first, and then you can go and pursue him and end up making a fool of yourself in the process for all I care. As long as I am still with him, kindly get lost.

Dah takdak cab dah ka cik kak?

Seriously, Malaysia dah tak dak taxi ka? Are we suddenly running short on cabs? Or LRTs? Buses even? I mean seriously, if that is the excuse this woman is using to get to spend time with my man, then it's definitely working lah. I know you don't drive, but perlu ka nak suruh orang lain hantar you ke hulu ke hilir? Malaysia is a well-developed nation, KL especially is pretty good in terms of public transportation. Tak pun, takdak kawan lain ka nak mintak tolong? Selang sehari, mintak nak jumpa. Selang sehari ja, mintak nak jumpa. Nak teman ke sini lah, ke sana lah. Do it on your own lah. I am totally not agreeable to this ridiculous arrangement, but what can I say? They've known each other longer than he has known me. So I lose out to longevity?! I am a woman so I know lah what's the story. I know she likes to spend time with my boyfriend, konon dah kenal lama, konon they've helped each other out a lot, konon family friend or whatever. I don't care. I just don't like my man spending too much time with this woman. But lelaki kan lembut hati, orang tu kalau dah mintak tolong, tak sampai hati nak say no. So I'm just hoping against hope that this woman would just take a hint and realize that I do not like this one bit. Some more can go mengadu about what I write on my blog. Ya lah, I criticize you and your actions on my blog, too bad lah. Sapa suruh baca kalau tak suka? Sapa suruh go searching for my blog address? Sendiri tanggung la the consequences. Stop doing things yang I tak suka. Tak payah nak buat damsel in distress semua, itu semua trick lama, i'm a woman too, trick tu semua dah dalam pocket i dah. Just stop giving me headache lah!

Friday, May 7, 2010

of black and white, and yellow and blue....

Racism is a disease that eats away the foundation of humanity and slowly kills a society from within. Ever since Medgar Evers and Emmett Till to Martin Luther King, way back to the birth of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, racism has been an issue that has received worldwide attention. Despite having gone through an immense change in technology and progressive development of a country as a whole, racism still raises its ugly head in the hearts of some people today. Perhaps it is more subtle than the days of the Klan, but racism is racism no matter how subtle or obscure it is. Take our country for instance, development-wise we have come a long way since May 13th, and yet we are not allowed to speak of it so much, it is not widely analyzed or written in any text books, pages of the newspaper during that time are missing from the national archives. The main reason cited is that we do not want to create unnecessary unrest among the rakyat. What is that supposed to mean? To me that just translates to fear. Fear of not being able to control a progressive, intellectual society. This fear is simply borne out of a constant need to exert power over the people. It’s about time that the people in this country come to terms that we are a multi-racial society. Regardless of who came here first or who came here last. Regardless of what our forefathers did or what they were brought here to do. The simple fact of the matter that carries weight today is that we are a multi-racial society and have been one for a long time now. Initially, the Brits were reluctant to grant us independence for fear that all the races in this country will not be able to work together harmoniously. But the fight for independence managed to prove the British wrong and here we are some 50 years later, Merdeka. However, one question still begs to be answered. How Merdeka are we? Before some of you start to get overly defensive over this issue, just take a step back and ask yourselves. Are our minds Merdeka of any thoughts of superiority over other races? Are we truly in acceptance of all the races in this country and are we truly able to accept equality if equality is granted upon all of us? Most of us may say that we are, but only out of fear for getting branded as a racist. But some of us are still adamant that one particular race should forever remain superior over the others. I was born in 1981. I was born into a free and thriving Malaysia. I grew up in a multi-racial society. And I will forever be of the opinion that Malaysia belongs to all of us. As long as we were born and raised in this country, as long as we are allowed to vote, as long as we are allowed to raise our families in this country, as long as we are able to work and earn a decent living in this country and as long as we wish to remain in this country, then we all belong here and should enjoy the same benefits and privileges. Why must one race reign superior over the rest? If we really wish to get into that, I believe the rightful owners of Malaysia, so to speak, would be the orang aslis. Can’t we just put race behind us and learn to coexist peacefully and harmoniously? Why can’t we look beyond colour and countries of origin? If not for people like Martin Luther King Jr, the African-Americans in America would probably still be treated like second-class citizens in a country they have come to embrace as their own. If not for those who went to London to seek for our Independence from the British, we would probably still be colonized. But we are where we are today. And what we should do now is learn to accept that we were all put on this earth not to discriminate. I am not in any way discounting heritage and legacy. We should all be proud of who we are and where we came from, but what we should also do is learn to be more tolerant and eradicate superiority totally. Only then will we be able to realize our true potential and do more good instead of harm.

I am pretty sure that many will not agree with me on my ideas, but then again I live by these words that was said by a very important man in the history of humanity, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” With that, I beg of you readers to think and speak out if you feel that injustice is at large. Silence will only propagate more harm.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Road to 2011

I'll call the above my Monica book! Of course it is still maintaning my love for pink. What else would you expect?!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Would you like a cup of my blood, served on a silver platter?

To those who do not know me, the one thing that I should start you off is that I hardly take back what I say. More often than not I mean every single thing that either comes out of my mouth or out of my fingers and onto my keyboard or paper. Which means if I don't like A, and I say something about A to B, and somehow A finds out, good! Even better! Saves me the trouble of saying it to A's face. Another thing you should know about me is that I can be rather vocal, be it verbally or with the things that I type or write. I have strong views and I don't see why I should keep them, especially if what I'm saying is mere common sense. I can be highly argumentative and that's just how I'm built. However, whatever I say on my turf, is my prerogative.
I mean seriously, if anything here is offensive, it really doesn't come as a surprise to me. This is a public platform, hello!?!?!?! If there's anything in here I don't want somebody to find out, I must have a hole in the head to have written it down in a PUBLIC blog, musn't I??!!
So to those of you reading my blog, first of all I wish to say thank you for stopping by. And to those of you who feel offended, well, what can I say....hmm, actually there's nothing I can say, coz' I don't give a hoot! Do you see the X button on the top right corner of your computer screen? Kindly click on it and go fly kites!
There are just too many non-factors in my life right now. The other day I cleared my facebook of people I don't think I should maintain in my friends' list because they were being too juvenile. I seriously do not need the extra headache. Rule of thumb: non-factors=get rid of them. Not worth my brain cells, anyway. And now some more non-factors are creeping up to the surface. Seriously I don't even care anymore. You wanna feel offended, by all means go right ahead. What about the headaches you've put me through all this while? Lucky all I'm doing in retaliation is just blog about it! I mean seriously, the world is so full of weird people who are either unaware that they're dense or they're just doing it on purpose. I'm already at my wits' end with these non-factors. At least my excuse is, I'm still young; what's yours?!
Even as I'm writing I feel like my words have been sensored, my thoughts are being held back by some psychologically placed threat. What the hell do these people want from me? Blood?!