Monday, May 31, 2010

Things that make me go aaaahhhh......

Things that make me go aaaaahhhh and realize that life is beautiful, after all.... We kick it off with the man who drives me crazy and makes me happy all at the same time. The man who makes me laugh with his silly jokes, the man who isn't afraid of making funny faces and getting down on one knee in public just to put a smile on my face. The man who sings so beautifully and lulls me with Tidurlah Permaisuri over the phone before I go to bed (although he can never get the whole lyrics correct!). The man who peels off kulit rambutan and throws away the biji for me, not just one rambutan but enough to fill a tupperware! The man who feeds me food at the kedai mamak when I'm just being too mengada or too lazy to lift a finger. The man I call my Hang Tuah.

And here we have the tupperware of rambutan....
Next on the list of things that make me go aaah is something that some might say is a cliche but it still makes my heart go pitter patter, especially when it is delivered straight to the office to an unsuspecting me....

And now we have my weak spot. Something I just cannot say no to. The world's most wonderful sweetness in a cup....
What is life without music? Hard Rock Cafe is one of the places in KL I simply adore. It still plays ol' skool stuff like Born To Be Wild and Smoke On The Water and it satisfies my inner yearning for a big bad Harley!
Next on the list is my other Happy Place in KL. Schokolart at Solaris, Mont Kiara. It's a place that puts a smile on my face; the manager is a super nice dude, he already knows me and my friends and we always have fun there especially when we order this delectable Twosome Chocolate dish.And for those nights when I'm feeling a pinch of melancholy, what else is a girl to do but feel the love in the company of my Ramlee. Thanks to my sweetheart who taught me how to play this instrument; what was once just a distant dream is now a reality. All through my childhood days I used to take my dad's guitar and strum aimlessly, but now I can already make sweet music!
Another Happy Place that makes me go aaaahhh will always be KLCC. A place that has created so many memories for me throughout the years. Although I hardly go there these days, a smile will always break on my face whenever I pass by it or when I look at it from the parking lot of my office, all lit up beautifully, smiling down at the citizens of KL.

And of course, something that is close to my heart, and will always make me go aaaah is none other than mi familia....


  1. nanum.. y azmi's pict showed tht he 'fingerring'?

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  3. what? i dont make u go aaaaaaaaahhhh???????????