Friday, June 11, 2010

Polis DiRaja Malaysia

"Mendakap embun,
bermandi hujan,
dibakar terik panas mentari....
Tak kira siang ataupun malam,
Ku taburkan bakti...."

In a time where almost everyone in this country are having doubts about our police force, I am inclined to believe in them. Or at least in what they represent. And that not all cops are bad. There are those who are dedicated to the force and believes in upholding justice and maintaining peace for all of us.

The lyrics above was part of a song called Ku Ibarat Lilin and at one time was the theme song for PDRM. And my uncle who was in the police force sang this song many years ago for the PDRM album which was released in 1990 under BMG Records.

The lyrics fills me with a sense of pride for our police force. I still remember, at one time I wanted to be a police inspector. Somehow that plan didn't quite pan out. But I still think that one bad apple does not necessarily contaminate the entire bushel. Our police force keeps us free to do what we want, when we want. How is it that people are so quick to judge them these days? Perhaps this song could repair some of the PR damage that PDRM has been suffering of late.

Mustaffa Yusoff. The man who sang this song. The man with the golden voice. My uncle.

This post is for you, Bab, an ex-policeman who dropped out of the force because he "tak sampai hati nak tangkap orang jahat." My dad, the man with a big heart. The best dad in the whole universe. Happy Father's Day. To My Bab, and all the policemen out there. People can say what they want about the police force, but I know better. I remember loving this song so much I sang it during one of our family functions. I was only 9 at the time. I loved this song because my uncle made it special. He and my Dad are among those who believes in justice and the truth and doing the right thing. To my uncle, though many may have forgotten this song, I intend to do my part in keeping it alive.

Here's the song Ibarat Lilin. Enjoy. Hidup PDRM!

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