Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is that an act, or were you born obtuse?

Now isn't that a romantic idea? A key-chain with the picture of a couple in love. I thought it was romantic. My boyfriend thought it was romantic too. That's why he carries the key-chain I got for him with his car keys and takes it with him everywhere he goes. But apparently there are those who do not like this idea. There are those who probably think this is a romantic idea but feels a tad bit jealous. I don't know, whatever it is, please lah keep your jealousy to yourself.

Fact of the matter is, I am with him and he is with me. We have no idea what the future holds, maybe we'll get married, maybe we won't. Only God knows. But one thing we know right now is that we both love each other and we are together. In an effort to be polite, kindly back off. Sesiapa yang tidak berkaitan tu tolonglah dengan segala hormatnya stop crossing the line. Whatever feelings you may be having for him, will you kindly keep it to yourself? He obviously doesn't feel the same way, so all you're doing is making a fool of yourself.

At this point in my life, I am beginning to despise women over 40 who are constantly scheming, manipulating and trying to make me lose my mind. Bukan satu ja woman over 40 that is giving me heartache right now, there's more than one. So I think I can safely draw this conclusion: They are jealous of the fact that I am single, never been married, have no baggage and I am at the prime of my life. But the THREE ultimate reasons of jealousy has to be these:

Number One:
I am THIN and TALL and HOT
(I may not have the looks but I know how to work it!)

Number Two:
I'm young. 'Nuff said.

And Number Three:
I've got the elegance and style.

So those are the conclusions I came up with. It has to be. Otherwise, why are they so eager to menyebok with my life? Aku tak kacau orang pun. I'm just a girl, who met a guy and fell in love with him. Yang korang ni nak jealous apahal? Ramai lagi laki kat luar tu. Silalah pi memancing kat tempat lain. Please lah, stop giving me headaches. Why must you keep hoping and hating me in the process?

But anyway, I kinda feel good because they are jealous. I mean come on, what else can it be, right?

Here's a piece of advice: Just stick to being his friend and try to accept the fact that he's taken. It will make life easier for you, him and me. At this point, I am hating you to the point of sheer resentment. Go away. Now.

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