Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I've said it before, I'll say it again....

not having a good day

That pretty much sums up how I'm feeling today.... Terrible but still trying to keep my head up. So it'll be another weekend of moping around, watching Cosby reruns and eating take-outs. I go to the office from Monday-Friday, hoping that on the weekends I will get to unwind and do things I like with the person I love. But this will be the 3rd weekend in a row that his work is preventing us from spending time together. Perhaps I should be more understanding and not throw a fit, but I can't help but feel a little upset. Okay, maybe a lot upset. It doesn't help that this work thing also involves her.

Urgghhhhhh me no like!

Maybe I am behaving a tad bit irrationally but even if I put aside the fact that I don't like her, he'll still be busy with work, and I still don't get to see him. Now that is an even bigger me no like! The weekends are all I have. Nak harap suruh dia take me along on these business meetings, no way lah kan, since that minah already said she has no intentions of seeing me. Grow up la! If I'm okay with seeing you, and I hate you, shouldn't you accord us the same courtesy? Mengada sangat apahal? Lagi aku nak mengamuk macam ni. I am the one who doesn't like you, I am the one who bitched about you on my blog, now you pulak nak mengada tak nak see me and all. I am fine with seeing you. I don't care. I still stand by all the things I said, and I don't mind being in the same room with you. Tapi kenapa you pulak nak mengada? Seriously, does the word maturity ring any bells?! At least if I don't get to spend time with him doing the normal dating stuff, at least if I get to be with him during these meetings pun dah okay lah. But noooooooo Madam NZ tak suka. Bull shit lah!

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