Friday, June 4, 2010

Next, please!

I am just so angry at the moment. Livid, positively flaming with rage. If I was not at the office I would have probably smashed something against the wall by now. The rage that is boiling in me has almost reached its peak that it might just explode and result at profanities being hurled at anything or anyone that decides to cross me right now. Somehow I am trying to contain it and wait until I get home before I explode. I still have one more news to read on-air at 8pm; can't afford to lose my cool now. But once I'm done with that I'm heading home to yell expletives and bash a wall.

What meeting is so horrendously important that I am not allowed a few hours to unwind and enjoy this weekend? What gathering is sooooo friggin' vital that I am being relegated to a weekend of take-outs and reruns of reruns of reruns? Are you people trying to solve world hunger? Plotting to take-over the British Empire? Working on a cure for the common cold??

This is why I am beyond furious. Remember Carrie? She was nothing compared to what I'm feeling right now. Hell has no fury like a woman who's weekend just got hijacked by a pot-luck gathering! Words can't even begin to describe how mad I am.

It isn't that I don't want to understand. I can. And I think I have been patient enough. I believe I deserve a day to enjoy and unwind and just walk around malls or have tea at some mamak. Bukannya aku ajak pi Bali ka Paris ka. Just a simple day out.

So here I am, blogging from the office on a Friday night, going back to watch Ghost Whisperer and pig out on McDonalds, and tomorrow's Saturday, stay at home watching Cosby and ALF reruns, pig out on McDonalds, and then it will be Sunday, same thing all over again, and then it's Monday already and a whole week begins again, miserably awaiting for next weekend, probably to get just as disappointed as this one.

Next, please. (Note to next: You better not ditch me for pot-lucks!)

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