Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Songs You Should Never Play At A Wedding....

Have you ever been to a wedding; as you enjoy the romantic ambience, how the bride and groom look so happy together, when suddenly the band starts playing songs which shouldn't be allowed anywhere within a 5km radius of a wedding ceremony??

Listed below are a list of songs that should NEVER, and I repeat NEVER, be played during a wedding:

1. My Way - Frank Sinatra
Now this one is a definite favourite during weddings. Out of 10 weddings I attend, at least 7 will play this one without fail. Why, I will never know. I have nothing against this song, I love it, it's also a classic karaoke favourite, but a wedding is the last place people should play this! I mean seriously, "And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain, my friends I'll say it clear, I'll state the case of which I'm certain, I've lived a life that's full, I travelled each and every highway, but more much more than this, I did it MY WAY!" For real now?! If the groom did it his way, he would never get married. And the end is near?!? Yeah, if the couple believes that their wedding is the end of the road! So people, don't just pick songs because they're popular, take a look at the lyrics when you're putting together the playlist, for crying out loud!

2. Superwoman - Karyn White
Now this one just astounds me. I attended a wedding once and they actually played this! I'm sure the bride and groom did not have a say in their playlist coz' they're one of my closest friends, and they are absolutely in love. So another word of advice, DO NOT leave it to the band to pick your songs. This is what happens when you let them go nuts with their music selection. Superwoman is possibly even more inappropriate than My Way for a wedding! "Now you say the juice is sour when it used to be so sweet, And I can't help but to wonder if you're talking about me, We don't talk the way we used to talk, it's hurting so deep, I've got my pride, I will not cry, but it's making me weak....I'm NOT your superwoman...." Now you can play this at your 20th wedding anniversary! Just not on your WEDDING DAY!

3. Please Release Me - Engelbert Humperdinck
This just goes without saying. I know that it is an extremely popular oldie and no wedding is complete without at least one song from the great Engelbert. But just don't let it be this song! "Please release me, let me go, for I don't love you anymore...." Seriously?!?! It's your wedding day, for heaven's sake, and you're already asking to be released?!?!

4. Yesterday - The Beatles
Another major hit classic. Who doesn't like the Beatles? (I don't actually, but I know most of you out there do.) But "Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away, now it looks as though they're here to stay, Oh I believe in yesterday...."?!?!?! Nice to know how you people feel about your wedding day! So please, do not wreck your romantic atmosphere with this song. Keep it to when you're going out for a karaoke session with your mates, but do not let the band spin this number as you've just exchanged vows to spend the rest of your lives together! 

5. On Bended Knees - Boyz II Men
Now who doesn't like a little hot r&b during their wedding? The smoky, sultry harmonization. The beautiful voices and the sexy beats. But not this one! Just because the title says On Bended Knees, it is not referring to a guy going on bended knees proposing happily to the women he loves! He's on bended knees, begging for her to come back to him! So do not be deceived by the title of a song! Spend some time and read the lyrics! This is a definite no-no for a wedding. "Can we go back to the days our love was strong, can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong, can somebody tell me how to get things back to the way they used to be, Oh God give me a reason, I'm down ON BENDED KNEES!" Doesn't sound very wedding-y anymore, does it?! There are so many other beautiful r&b songs out there you can choose from. Stay away from this one like the plague! You already have each other, for pete's sake! What do you want to go back to?? The days when you were begging for her to go out with you?!? Or the days when you were trying to make him see that getting married would actually be a good thing?! In the words of Ali Nadeem, oh blimey!

6. Rose Garden - Lynn Anderson
A lot of people like to play oldies at a wedding. I like that too, in fact my own wedding someday will be filled with a whole bunch of lovely romantic oldies. But as I've so adamantly stated from the beginning of this post, PAY ATTENTION TO THE LYRICS FIRST BEFORE YOU DUMP IT INTO YOUR WEDDING PLAYLIST! How is this song befitting for a wedding?! "I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden, Along with the sunshine, there's gotta be a little rain sometime, When you take you gotta give, so live and let live, or LET GO, I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden." Sounds like a disclaimer, if you ask me! Dude is safeguarding himself before his wife starts to ask for things he can't give! Come on! Keep that for after the wedding, or shouldn't that be something you settled before deciding to take the big leap?!?! Weddings should give off a romantic illusion, don't wreck it with this number!

7. Bad Moon Rising - CCR
I understand that you rock lovers out there would want to infuse your wedding with that part of your personality. But please not this one! Of all the rock songs, just not this one! Play something from Nirvana or Dio or Guns N Roses for that matter, coz' with those rock groups, you hardly know what they're singing most of the time anyway. So whatever the lyrics are saying, you're safe. But not Bad Moon Rising! "Don't go out tonight, it's bound TO TAKE YOUR LIFE, there's a bad moon on the rise...." Do I have to explain it any further?!

8. How Can I Tell Her - Lobo
When I hear this at a wedding, I just surrender in desperation. Even my Dad loves this song! I wonder how my mom seems to be okay with that! But anyway, again, karaoke session with your mates, fine! Just not at your wedding dudes! Yup, again the title sounds deceiving. Sounds like he's trying to say how can i tell her how much I love her. bla bla bla. BUT NOOOOO! "How can I tell her about you? Girl please tell me what to do? Everything seems right whenever I'm with you, so girl won't you tell me, how to tell her about you...." He's trying to find out a way to tell the woman he's with that he's got another girl on the side! Perfect. Introduce your bride to your meandering ways on your wedding day itself! Keep it for later, for goodness' sake! Just try to keep the romantic illusion for that few hours!

9. Ain't No Way - Helen Reddy
Now who can resist the beautiful vocal of Helen Reddy? She's got so many other beautiful classics, but somehow, this one makes the cut onto your wedding playlist! "That ain't no way to treat a lady no way to treat your baby, your woman, your friend, That ain't no way to treat a lady no way, but maybe it's a way for us to END." Nice. You've been married for a few hours, and already you're looking to end it?!

10. I've Never Been To Me - Charlene
Yo ladies. You wanna play this at your hen night, go right ahead! You wanna belt it out at your hen night, again go right ahead. But at your wedding?! In front of your newly-wedded husband?! A bigger no-no than My Way, Please Release Me, and all the other no-no songs put together! "Oh, I've been to Georgia and California and anywhere I could run, I took the hand of a preacher man and we made love in the sun, But I ran out of places and friendly faces because I had to be free, I've been to paradise but I've never been to me...." Way to go, confession at the very start. I know how they say honesty is the best policy, but try to make your confessions before you rope the guy in with a wedding band around his neck!

11. Torn Between Two Lovers - Mary MacGregor
And to wrap up this list, there's no other song better than this one. "There's been another man that I've needed and I've loved, But that doesn't mean I love you less, And he knows he can't possess me, and he knows he never will, There's just this empty place inside of me that only he can fill, Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool, Loving both of you is breaking all the rules...." Yeah you're a fool alright! 'Nuff said!

People don't realize how important the songs you play at your wedding are. Sure you don't really take those lyrics to heart, but it just doesn't go! Doesn't set a romantic mood at all! Far from it, as a matter of fact.

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