Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stupid make-believe couples I used to worship

Kids are impressionable. They absorb their surroundings like a sponge. That's how it was for me. For some reason, my childhood was filled with all things romantic and lovey-dovey and mushy. Cotton candies in the air, and all that jazz. Here are some of the people who were responsible for making me believe that love is a beautiful, splendid thing, with rose petals lining up your path and heart shaped chocolates at every turn. Reality proved to be otherwise of course. So to these people, all I can say is, thank you, thank you very much (dripping with sarcasm, of course!).

Eden & Cruz from Santa Barbara
Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo

The soapies amongst you out there would definitely recognize this couple. The ever romantic and loving Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo. I think I was about 12 when I started watching Santa Barbara. And I remember being head over heels in love with these two. And of course, the seeds were planted, that someday I too will chance upon my very own Cruz Castillo. In the words of Mr Scrooge, bah humbug!

Dylan & Brenda from Beverly Hills, 90210
Dylan McKay and Brenda Walsh

Those who were teenagers in the 90s would definitely recognize this TV couple. Some hated them, some loved them. Being the romantic person that I am, of course I was rooting for these two to stay together. I thought they were the most romantic thing since sliced bread (hmmm?). Anyway, point is, or rather was, I wanted my very own Dylan someday. Brooding bad boy. Charming yet living life on the wild side. Bladiblabla. 

Mike & Kate from Growing Pains
Mike Seaver and Kate McDonald

Mike Seaver. The eldest child in the Seaver family. Cute, funny, curly hair. The ultimate 80s heartthrob. And then along came Kate. Adorable, witty, lovely. And we all rooted for them. Of course, this is one TV couple who made it all the way to reality as well. Kirk and Chelsea are still married today, running some foundation together, and have a bunch of adopted kids. The not so glitzy version of Brad and Angelina. Sure, the fact that they actually ended up together in real life doesn't quite help things! You would expect your life to run just as smoothly! Especially after spending most of your childhood watching the Seavers on tele!

 Rita & Chris from Silk Stalkings
Rita Lance and Chris Lorenzo
As much as I was into romantic shows, I was also a fan of cop shows. And where there's a combination of both elements, let's just say I found it hard to resist watching them. Rita and Chris defined the sexual tension, she loves me, she loves me not thing that Hollywood is so fond of. And we the audience keep watching, rooting for the two to get together. I was in love with that idea. The idea of finding a soulmate in your friend. Actually my second relationship was just like that. Too much TV, I must say. Of course when it's in real life, it doesn't quite work out as flawlessly as it does on TV. But back then, I would stay glued to the set, hoping for them to get together because somewhere deep down I believed that if they got together, someday I will find my soulmate too. Until life taught me that soulmates are just a load of crap.

Jesse & Becky from Full House
Jesse and Becky Katsopolis

When Full House hit our shores, we were all in love with Michelle Tanner. So was I, she, I mean they were cute! But I was also in love with John Stamos and Lori Loughlin, playing the loving couple Uncle Jesse and Becky. And loving them just further fueled my aspirations to find love just like theirs someday. The me today is already gagging as I'm typing this down. 'Nuff said.

Nancy & Ned from The Nancy Drew Adventures

Besides Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew was something that I carried with me all through my growing up years. I remember at one point of my very young teenage life, I was wondering what would I do if one day I finished reading all of the books in this series. What will I read then? How will I go on? Yup that was how much of a bookworm I was. The only thing I read these days are the programme info on Astro. Anyway, I learnt 2 things from Nancy Drew. The first was that I really love crime solving stuff, and the second was that true love comes in the form of Ned Nickerson. Ned was Nancy's boyfriend, and he would sometimes pitch in to help her solve crimes as well. I was really envious of how strong and handsome Ned was. And how he would always worry about Nancy. Bladiblabla. And again, another couple entered my point of reference as to what constitutes love and relationships. Where are Ned and Nancy now? In my cabinet at home, collecting dust. Actually the same can be said about my quest for love. Hmm.....

Rhett & Scarlett from Gone With the Wind

Do I have to say more? This was the ultimate sexual tension couple of the big screen. They fought, they yelled, they called each other names, and yet both were still so drawn to each other. Made me want to find my own carpetbagger, I mean Rhett Butler. All in all, I blame Hollywood. Joni Mitchell was right after all. It's love's illusions I recall, I never really knew all.

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