Monday, September 19, 2011

Call me Jon

I am not kidding. I have decided (for now, at least) to bring my new friend, Garfield inside the house, and adopting it for awhile. Even my mom found it hard to believe that I've developed an attachment to this cat. My own boyfriend smiles in amazement whenever I talk about the cat. He said that he knew the moment I started putting a makeshift box outside the house for the cat to sleep in, that I was sold. Hook, line and sinker.

I have never had a pet. 30 years of being on this planet and I never so much as owned a goldfish. But there was something about this little kitten. I'm still finding it hard to adjust to the excretion part, but I think I'll manage. At least, until I can find a better home for it. 

Although I am not letting it roam free inside the house (due to my allergies and asthma), the cat is now placed in my dry kitchen/laundry area. I've put a box for it to sleep in, and prepared a little kitty litter with sand and soil for it to do its "business" in. Earlier tonight, the cat got its first bath. He didn't seem to mind much. The freshness did him good I suppose, coz right after the bath, the little darling took a 2-hour nap! 

So right now, Garfield is adjusting to his new environment. Roaming about the laundry area, playing with a string I left there for his amusement, and exploring the brooms, mops and other stuff I keep back there. 

It feels kinda interesting to have another breathing being living in this house with me. I actually find myself talking to the little darling. Like he was a person. Call me crazy but I believe the little thing is beginning to understand my commands. Makan. Duk diam-diam. Jangan masuk dalam rumah. Stay. 

Sure beats talking to the wall.


  1. its time for you to test yourself whether you can handle pet or not....