Thursday, September 29, 2011

Definitely pissed off!

it just gets so tiring when people keep saying, "i'll see how it goes. i can't promise anything yet. but i will call you later." it's like, yeah i'll see you if i have no other plans. what am i? the last resort? so you'll see me only if i don't interfere with your other plans? so you go on making all sorts of plans with different people, and i get shoved somewhere in between your dental appointment and taking out the trash? i'm getting sick and tired of listening to "no promises" over and over again. yeah so you do show up even when you say "no promises" sometimes, but that's not the point. i hate venting about these things on my blog, especially when it's open for everyone to read, but sometimes i just feel so angry. i write and i vent. and no i don't keep a personal diary, so this is where it all comes out. i don't care what you people think. i already warned you that this blog is no cupcake filled ride through the meadows. i'm just a girl who is allowed to get upset when things bother her.

sure, i'll fix it.....oh but wait, let me check my schedule first and get back to you.


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