Wednesday, September 7, 2011

men + women = a valium addiction

Men are simple creatures. They see a problem and rush to solve it. That is why when they realized they gave women stress, they invented valium. How very thoughtful!

valium should be as easily obtainable as cookies
As you can probably already make out, today's posting is about that species of the human race we women can't live without. At least, we straight women can't live without. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not writing about boyfriends or husbands or fiances or friends with benefits or whatever else you kids are calling it these days. I am writing about a different kind of man-woman relationship. The most complicated one there is actually; the platonic kind.

My posts are usually personal. I'm not very good at being removed from what I write, hence I seldom write about things I have no personal feelings about. Today I am toying with a certain kind of emotion, so I have chosen to unload it here for the world to see. Although how big exactly is the "world" that reads my blog, I don't really know. But to the few who happen to drop by, take it to mean that I am thinking of you as my collective therapists.  

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined
Something has been bugging me. There is a man in my life whom I have not been in touch with for more than a year now. A man who was very close to me. A dear friend. However shit happened, and we went our separate ways. We were only friends, but I loved him dearly, like the big brother I never had. The only connection we share today is that I'm dating his best friend. 

I know, I know, this is beginning to sound like something out of an episode of The Bold and The Beautiful.

hands down the most pointless tv show in the history of the boob tube
But that's the reality of it. Now I've been going back and forth about making an attempt to reconcile. I honestly don't know whether I should or not. Perhaps I should just leave it be. So what if he never becomes a part of my life again. He was the one who decided to walk away.

Perhaps I should write him a letter. or an e-mail. or perhaps just a text message. Or maybe, just maybe, I should just say to hell with it.  

and i don't mean that in a kinky way


  1. Dear Kak.

    I say, do your part as a human to reconcile with him. Religion taught everyone to reconcile. AT LEAST, you do your part. It is up to him then to reconcile with you back or the other way round.

    Seriously, you don't lose anything by being the one who try to reconciles.
    IF he is part of your life again, let it just be THERE, as a friend or somebody you know.

    Hope I helped :)


  2. thank you sweetheart! yes you helped, it was a lovely piece of advice and i will definitely think about it. :-)