Thursday, October 6, 2011

of apples and durians....

Today, the world lost a great marketing man. A man who took an idea and turned it into a way of life. The only other American I can think of who has managed to do that was Gene Roddenberry. Many others have tried yet they did not live long enough to prosper. In his short life however, Jobs convinced the world that it could not get by without an ipod, or an iphone or and imac or an ipad. Now that's sheer genius. Although the iphone 4s has outraged many, Apple will continue to live long and prosper. Because one man managed to turn luxury into a necessity. However his success in stylizing his products never quite worked on me. I was never an Apple person. To me it's like spending 4K on a Gucci handbag, when you can get an equally good bag at Parkson for 100 bucks. But then again, that's what a good businessman does. He convinces people to buy something they don't need. But Jobs went one step further, he convinced them that they couldn't live without it. He convinced them that without all the apps, their lives would be meaningless. For years to come, people will be studying his marketing strategies, analyzing his techniques and dissecting his thoughts. You've made quite an impact, Steve. Quite an impact. Perhaps Apple will soon come out with an app to immortalize your presence amongst your ardent followers. Good night, Steve Jobs.

On a totally different subject matter, I completed two projects today. One was a photo collage of my late uncle. My dad wanted to put up a picture of my uncle who passed away a couple weeks ago and I volunteered to make a collage instead of just framing one picture. So after slaving for days on PhotoShop, I finally finished it. 

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