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Anugerah Industri Muzik 2011

the stage
Last Saturday, I attended the 18th AIM, with my other half and my best friend. We were somewhat apprehensive about attending since it was moved from PWTC to Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. PWTC had its old skool charm, and being an old soul, I prefer things to be classy. PWTC was more prestigious, and AIM being the only award left in the country that has yet to be "prostituted" (thanks Leila for the term!) by SMSes, deserved the prestige that is the Putra World Trade Centre. However, times are changing, and whether we like it or not, Astro opted for Bukit Jalil. So, we decided to give it a chance. The theme for this year's extravaganza was "Lights, Glitz, Glam." To me, that was nothing more than a lazy theme. Pretty much stating the obvious, it's an awards show, would it be anything else besides lights, glitz and glam?? But anyway, we glamorized ourselves and drove to the other side of KL.

my other half and my best friend
The "Blue Carpet" walk was longer than the one they used to have in PWTC, so we crossed our fingers and prayed our heels won't betray us, held our heads up high and braved through the nonsense that was the red carpet affair.

karpet biru AIM 18
After finding our seats in the VIP section, which was a bit messy since it was rather unorganized, we sat waiting for the show to begin. 

cahaya pena
My thoughts on the show are best seen through my tweets. They pretty much sum up my agony. I attended with an open mind, but then again, I was disappointed at every turn. The music industry looks like it's going to the dogs. Just because the organizers are chasing for ratings, for sponsors, they end up violating the industry and the essence that it was built on; talent and hardwork. An idiot who decided to post some vids of her singing on YouTube and the stupid public lapped it up, ended up being invited to perform on the AIM stage. She's a 16 year old, fame hungry school kid who can't sing to save her life! And there she was performing at the AIM! And Azlan and the Typewriter, who desecrated P.Ramlee's Jeritan Batinku was also asked to perform. How are we going to protect P.Ramlee's masterpieces when we endorse these acts of desecration???? Of course the industry is dying. The industry begins to die the day we award people like Yuna whose voice sounds like she's just soooo malas. Perhaps that is what music is today, you sound like you couldn't be bothered to try, sing with a nasally tone, and voila you're a top singer. I totally do not agree with the fact that she was given Anugerah Kembara. And that her song won Best Song. Hello!!!! Wake up people! Oh well, perhaps the old days are in fact gone. The days where talent actually mattered. The days without YouTube. Just writing about this now is beginning to give me high blood. The only consolation is that Najwa Mahiaddin actually can sing. Maybe she can save the day. Anyway, below are my tweets from the night itself. Enjoy the very blunt reviews!
view of the blue carpet

Berjaya meredah blue carpet without tripping. Now waiting for the show to start. Somebody here decided to wear drapes, sheesh!

Ramai artis bertudung ambik inspiration from the movie Cocoon! Yuna especially, damn weird menatang on her head tu!

Move aside yuna, zee avi, coz najwa mahiaddin is waaay better! Awesome opening! Tres magnifique!

najwa's opening act

Congrats najwa!! Yay category i judged, gave najwa highest marks, Alhamdulillah she won!

Yay yuna kalah. I dont like anuar zain, but better him than yuna.

Congratulations kak nora and abg johan!!

Watch out y'all, it's the age of najwa!! Mak suka nyah, especially since aku bg marks tinggi gila for her in this category!

Individually they are excellent singers, but put them all together in one song? An agonizing scream-fest!

3 suara melalak
Is it just me or is that peuwiiit thing getting old?

Dancers ni semua up sikit ja dari penari rtm. Mcm penyemak pentas ja.

Kalau pasang lagu-lagu stacy back 2 back sure mcm dgr one horrifyingly long song.

First time dengar Padi live! Not bad!

The acoustics dlm stadium putra ni teruk gila! Sapa pakai pacemaker sure semput. Aku pun dah rasa bergegar jantung!

Upin Ipin ni memang mana2 pun nanti ada appearance ka? Annoying gila. Dah la suara supersonic. Boleh pecah cermin!

Wahai soundman, itu level kasi drop sikit boleh? Nak pekak dah ni!

Dear neeloafer and shamsul, nak sembang pi backstage. Ur banter tak jadi ok.

From : if 4 every bad humor on stage i had a gun, csi kl will be busy tonite!

Bila organizers nak sedar yg mawi cant sing!!?? Semak perut tgk dia meneran. Plus, Akhil High scares me.

Between watching ads and kena tolerate mamat filler ni, baik tgk ads.

ReTweeted from @zalehahairene They left the ipads this time RT : Kita masih lagi generasi baca cue card! Huh.

Ac and zizan are doing a pretty ok job. Although and were way better. 

AC and zizan

Audience tak berapa nak tepuk sbb semua pakat dok twit. Termasuk la den ni. 

Kategori yang memurahkan anugerah ini: artis mobile terbaik 

Apa kau merepek ni syaiton?? Nak bagi award ka nak bagi ceramah?? 
(on the presenters for the Anugerah Kembara, they looked like they were milking their 30 seconds of spotlight time to the max.)

Dan spokesperson tudung cocoon naik stage. Lepaih ni ramai la pulak letak beehive dlm tudung.

Suara lemau macam she's half dead. Ive said it before, i'll say it again, i dont like yuna.

Ok im getting bored

Alhamdulillah azlan and his fucking crappy typewriter tak menang.

Can the aliens come down and claim back minah cocoon depa ni?!

straight from the movie cocoon
Orang paling tak layak perform kat ialah najwa latif. Lagu apa ni!!? Nursery rhyme? Nenek aku nyanyi lg sedap!

Msians are too accepting. Im dying here kena endure suara katak najwa latif ni. Why God why??

Am i at AIM or rancangan nyanyian kanak2 ribena??

Ok lah greyson chance just saved the day. Better this kid than bieber.

Beza vocals najwa latif and greyson mcm langit ngan bumi.

Yay dah last segment.

You hv to be kidding me rite!! Lagu terbaik, yuna dapat. The death of our music industry begins now.

Finally pemenang yg memang deserve to win! Kudos datuk sheila majid! Now this is a true singer! Eat dust yuna!

Maka tamatlah sudah. Time to tutup telinga coz azlan nak start nyanyi.

P.Ramlee must be turning in his grave! Wahai azlan, jahanamkan lagu sendiri boleh tak? Jgn rosakkan lagu legenda tanahair!

Saya sebagai peminat setia allahyarham p.ramlee rasa nak menangis sekarang. Generasi muda dah mula desecrate karya agung.

Die azlan die!

And it's a wrap! All in all, i had a good time with and

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