Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who says loyalty is dead?

The above was taken from a local Malay mag, Keluarga. A woman, whose husband is in prison wrote in to the health columnist wanting advice on whether a prison caning will result in her husband becoming impotent. The sheer lack of brain cells in some people is truly amazing. Your husband's in jail and your main concern is whether or not he can still reproduce?!?!?! Woman, get your priorities straight for pete's sake! Shouldn't you be finding out how to file a divorce instead?!?! Talk about loyalty! Sometimes these local mags do provide a good laugh. If not for the quirky questions in the advice columns, for the stupid how-to-win-your-husband-over guides. "6 Langkah Tundukkan Suami di Ranjang." "10 Cara Naikkan Nafsu Suami." "348 Cara Menjadi Lebih Seksi Untuk Suami." I have a better one "599 Cara Untuk Bakar Majalah Ini."


  1. lol!! yaaaayyyyy ahahahah....

  2. yeah, moronic article is a moronic article. since when majalah keluarga stands up for this kind of attitude? i guess they don't want to exclude crime-committing society. everyone stands a chance of having good sex it seems. moron!