Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'll Stick to Pen & Paper....

The time has come. Again. 'Tis the season to be jolly? Perhaps for those ready to hit the stores and stand in line waiting to purchase the latest craze. No it's not Christmas. Not even the big sale season. It's the craziness that has been propagated by one man, and has taken over the world in a much bigger way than any other businessman could ever imagine.

The Ipad 3 is set to hit the stores this Friday. And according to one news report, some people have taken to camping out in front of Apple stores as early as a couple of days ago. And I can bet you good money that those people already own an Ipad (perhaps even 2).

It's truly amazing what Steve Jobs has managed to achieve during his lifetime. The dream of every salesman, to be able to convince the whole world that you can't live without their product. I for one do not understand this whole Apple craze. Those who already own iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc insist on getting in line to purchase the latest model. How different can it be anyway? How is an iPad3 that much different from the previous iPad2? I'm telling you, only fanatic Apple nuts can list you a million differences, and make up all sorts of reasons why it is vital for them to get their hands on the latest model. And again I am willing to bet good money that the differences are more imaginary than they are real.

And what is up with having to be among the firsts to own the latest nonsense Apple has to offer? What happens if you just wait a couple of weeks and buy it like a normal person, without having to bring a blanket and a pillow to camp out in front of an Apple store? Will the 2-week old model be any different?? Will you get it free if you queue up now?? Will the world end if you don't buy it today??

It's fine if you want to use Apple products. What makes it insane is when you insist on being among the first to have it. Even crazier when you already own the previous model and it's still working just fine.

So what is it about Apple? The only thing I can see is that Jobs has hit the marketing jackpot. Convincing people that his product is a necessity. However he has managed to go one step further. He has managed to convince people to keep upgrading. Majority of those who flock to the stores for the latest Apple models are those who already own the previous models. And this is something I will never be able to comprehend.

With that said, happy camping Apple nuts. Know that while you're getting in line, prepared to stand for hours before the store opens, all you're doing is compromising your integrity as human beings, you're letting a mere product rule your life. Think about it. What happens if you just wait for a few more weeks? By waiting, at least you'll still retain some self-respect.

As for me, unless and until the iPad can be linked up to my car and take over the driving, you definitely won't see me lining up to purchase it. Not even if it comes with a super hunky David Hasselhoff. I've always been partial to KITT anyway.

iDontCare about iPad because iPen and iPaper is much better, no need to spend iThousandsOfBucks, which means iPocket will not suffer.

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