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Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Open Letter To TMJ....

This posting is an Open Letter to the Crown Prince of the state of Johor (simply because I might get arrested for stalking and trespassing if I suddenly knocked on his door.)

Assalamualaikum Tunku Ismail Idris, Tengku Mahkota Johor.

As you probably already know, my name is Farah Harith. I'm a Perakian by birth, I pledge allegiance to Sultan Azlan Shah, as well as Yang Dipertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'azzam Shah. I have been to Johor a few times and found it to be a pleasant state. I also have a few close friends from Johor and I cherish them dearly.

I reckon that would suffice as the opening in my open letter to you. Before I proceed, allow me to point out that this is not a letter of apology. If anything, it is more of an attempt to make you understand why I wrote what I wrote.

A couple of weeks ago, I choose to highlight the Twitter war you had going on with Caprice. Judging from some of your tweets after my first posting, I understand you read what I had to say. It is probably easy to misunderstand my posting. I have been told that I have a strong command of the English language. And then a few nights ago, I chanced upon your tweets about Neelofa. And here we are.

I just have one thing to ask you, Tunku Ismail. You keep tweeting saying that your haters are always saying s*** but we're afraid to come near. I'm confused by that statement. Particularly because during your war with Caprice, I tweeted you a couple of times, but you never responded. And you kept harping on how we're afraid to come near. What is your definition of 'coming near', may I ask? In this case, I think tweeting you directly from my own account on Twitter is pretty much as near as it can get. Unless you expect me to approach you? Call your handphone? Appear at the field where you practice your sports? Knock on the door of your house? Request for a formal audience with you at your palace? In the words of Spock, I think that's just illogical.

If those who wish to compliment you can do so via your Twitter account and will be met with a reply, how come us 'haters' must 'come near' in order to say something?

That brings me to another point, I do not know you personally, Tunku Ismail. Which means it would be quite difficult for me to hate you. If anything I am indifferent. However, when I decided to highlight your inappropriate tweets, my intention was merely to make you see that no matter how hard you insist on hiding behind the reason of being a normal human being just like everyone else, the fact remains that your station demands a higher code of conduct. Of course you are a normal human being, your blood is red like everyone else's, you will feel pain if someone hits you, cry when you're sad, laugh when you're happy, etc etc. However, being of royal blood, and being a public figure, you are subjected to public scrutiny. Unless you choose to lead a very private life, whatever you do outside will be met with adoration as well as critiques.

You choose to have a Twitter account and you choose to make it public in order for you to interact with your followers. When you open yourself up to the public, you must understand that it is very important for you to watch what you say. And also, you must be prepared to take whatever comes with it. You keep insisting that those who criticize you are stupid and that you don't care about what people say. My dear, unless you're a common man, you can't do that. More often than not, criticisms can make you a better person. It keeps you balanced, and grounded. Of course some would just say mean things simply to spite you, but not all criticisms should be brushed aside and be labeled stupid. Take the time to go through my postings again. There is truth in what I say. All I'm trying to do is to make you see that you are idolized by many and with that comes an enormous weight of responsibility. You have young adults following you, retweeting what you say, hanging on to your every word, believing in everything that you tweet about, wanting to emulate you, praising you, in short, idolizing you. Why don't you inspire them in a more positive manner? What are you hoping to achieve by bashing other people on Twitter?

I noticed that you mentioned in one of your tweets, “Don't judge me unless you know me.” Allow me to point out something, you are a public figure, we the public will only know as much as you want us to know. We do not all have the privilege to befriend you in real life and get to know the real you. Therefore what we have is what you give us. Which means, whatever you give, we shall judge you based on that. If you give us a good impression, then we won't have any grounds to say anything bad about you. But the problem is, you keep contradicting yourself. So how are we supposed to not judge you?

Perhaps to you, it looks like I hate you so much and all I'm doing is picking on your negative points. Trust me, I have enough people in my personal life I hate that I just could not be bothered to hate someone I only know from the media and from his Twitter account. The only reason I decided to blog about you is because I want you to realize that you should start using your Twitter account for good instead of inciting unnecessary ill-feelings amongst your followers and other public figures.

I have no personal allegiance to Caprice or Neelofa. Neither am I defending them because I'm their fan. I'm just frustrated that someone with a position as high as yours would resort to making child-like remarks on a public platform.

It's 2012, Tunku. The world is a much different place than it was 30-40 years ago. We have so much crisis in the world today, so much rage, so many cases of moral decline amongst our youths, poverty, economic problems etc etc. As a concerned citizen, I think that every little good deed that we do can help in making the world a better place. And for someone in your position, why don't you use your fame to inspire those who adore you? Perhaps it won't be much, but if you can motivate and encourage your young followers, you'll be doing a huge favor to humanity as a whole. Your mother is a wonderful example of this. I'm pretty sure she is an inspiration to many. I myself find her a remarkable public figure.

About the police report you launched against the person who created the fake account of you on Twitter, might I suggest you ignore it. The Queen of England has a parody account and I have yet to hear in the news that she is planning to take action against whoever created that account. Unless what is done will prove detrimental to your safety, I suggest you be a bigger person and let it slide. Although I don't agree with the sudden emergence of that Twitter account, sometimes we need to ask ourselves why certain things happen the way they do. Like the saying, you reap what you sow, I believe it can also be applied to this situation. With the way you have been tweeting, it was just a matter of time before people start to make fun of you. You asked for it. By flipping out and getting all upset, and tweeting that your haters are stupid, you are only playing straight into the hands of those who are already clapping at the absurdity of your outbursts. The best course of action is to admit that what you said was out of line and move on. Trust me, you will gain a lot more respect that way. Talking about respect, it cannot be commanded. Not in this day and age. Today, respect is earned.

Even as I'm typing this, I'm already getting the feeling that this would be an effort in futility. If you did not get the point I was trying to make in Not So Royal After All, Antara Pujian dan Kutukan Give Both A Chance and Still Not So Royal After All, chances are you will probably remain on your high-horse with this open letter and dismiss me as being nothing more than a 'stupid hater'.

If you choose to heed my advice, I thank you and wish you well in your future endeavors. And if you choose to have another outburst over this, I would just like to reiterate that I'm not a hater. I'm just balancing things out. Someone who's a strong advocate of common sense. Think of me as a modern-day, internet version of a caped crusader. I may not be able to rid the world of war, hunger or poverty, but this is my bit for humanity. Common sense is not so common these days, if I can do my part in helping to make it common again, that would be my little achievement. With that said, Live Long and Prosper.


  1. oghang terengganuMarch 31, 2012 at 2:39 PM

    I love your postings keep it coming...

  2. Thumbs up gurlz!!!

  3. i followed the queen parody account. sometimes hilarious just taking another level, but somehow it reflects 50% of the person behaviour, yes? barking in the wrong alley sometimes causes you more harm than noises, i think TMJ forgot that being Prince himself should set a different attitude than people who doesnt born with silver spoon in his mouth. Being that, i reckon he's stamp with such a disgrace to Sultan Johor institution. i would like to see how stupid this issues gonna get, 'launching' a police report over a parody account, worried for imitation of his-already-bad-reputation? HA-HA. i pity this dude for stepping down to a dirty involvement with celebrity with history of punching other woman over a man. what a way to throw and waste all your God-given bless. i hope some well-educated-wise person would really clarify this consequences to him.

    and p/s, police in johor got not bigger issue/cases to handle isn't it? i wonder how TMJ's called his lawyer and explain this,is it with a cry 'someone just imitating me, do something!', the lawyer mustve a thick brain.

  4. My dear Farah Harith, evidently you are NOT stupid at all. Thank you for elucidating the sentiment of a huge number of Malaysian tweeters. I'd like to link this entry to my blog if you don't mind.

    To HRH TMJ,

    You have yet to gain the prerequisite level of importance so as to garner haters. (Hint: people who have haters are people who are awesome at what they do - such as, being good at tweeting and able to keep it within 140 characters, brevity being the soul of wit and all...) All you have are Malaysians who are annoyed that your childish antics online are infringing on our freedom of expression.

    To be honest, HRH TMJ, aside from the sickeningly sycophantic Malaysians who are fawning on you on Twitter (and whose tweets to you get re-tweeted), most of us don't really care about what happens inside the world of royalties anymore. We have new heroes now. The heroes of today are Nobel prize winners, successful CEOs, brilliant scientists, commanding leaders who rise due to merit and intellect (not by birthright alone), and inspiring personalities such as Mother Theresa and microcredit system creator Muhammad Yunus. Seeing as you are yet to be among these illustrious figures, you might want to start by being a good leader to your own people. You might want to start by setting a good example - and staying away from badmouthing people by name in social media. Did you realize that the actress you mentioned by name, in such scathing terms not befitting of a royal prince, did not even bother to reply your tweet? How does that make you seem in comparison?

    Seriously, it is a very sad day when someone who has been brought up with such privileges, such enviable access to good education, regrettably conducts himself in a manner that is no better than the rest of us who only get to attend regular schools.

    "To know a man's true character, give him power."

    What are you doing with the (actually) minimal power you have now? You have yet to be crowned as king, but we are already dreading the day THAT happens. That does not bode well for your character as a Muslim leader.

  5. thank you for your kind compliments. i just write it as i see it.

    by the way Heidi, you can link this entry to your blog. not a problem. although i am curious as to why you said 'evidently i'm not stupid after all'. hahahaha of course i welcome all critiques with an open heart but you sound like someone has been saying im stupid and you came to conclusion im not. but then again, i can be stupid sometimes, and it is comments and criticisms that i receive, be it from people i know or strangers on the net, that make me a better person. compliments will only get one so far, but criticism will make one improve one's life.

    so thank you everyone, for all your comments. i can't express how much i truly appreciate them all.

  6. Well, TMJ keeps referring to people who condemns his disgraceful online conduct as 'stupid haters' - but many of the tweets against him which I have read are quite logical and moderate. You were also wondering in one of your posts about TMJ's statements and whether or not he puts you in that subset. Either that or I've been giving your posts too much subtext, in which case, I apologize. Heh.

    Anyway, you have nothing to worry re your intellect. Someone who can string together coherent sentences and arrange her arguments in a cogent and unbiased manner is not a 'stupid hater'. I think this is a case of a prince who slipped, showed his bad manners in public and is embarrassed to realize that some of his subjects may be smarter than he is. :)

    Oh and I've changed my mind on the linking. I'll link this entry once I actually write my piece about TMJ. For the time being I'd rather not direct too much traffic to my blog. Your blog is quite the traffic magnet now, haha. For now I'm linking you to my Twitter instead!

    1. I have to agree with you, his Twitter Account may have closed but he left us with a lasting impression of his "behavior" as Prince. He is indeed embarrassed that his subjects are smarter then him, I will give you an example(read this twitter & in the few last tweets you will understand what I mean):

  7. Gaah! Grammatical error: ..people who condemn his disgraceful online conduct..

    Better preview my comments from now on :p

  8. i missed a lot!! hehe - mel

  9. bravo farah ...i don't find ppl like u in malaysia tht many... mostly kaki bodek to benefit diri sendiri....lol

  10. Well said...if I may add, his behaviour malde him looked like a total prat!!! A blundering idiot.

  11. luv ur writing.....brilliant girl, keep it up.gonna support you..

  12. very good reading n a late sunday evening. i wish there are more malaysians like yourself. i have not come across someone with sense like you for awhile now. the infection of stupidity and ignorance within our populace is getting to me, good to know there are still folks with values and are still sane! :)

    1. thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read my thoughts :-) i just figured that amidst all the nonsense, we should somehow try to advocate common sense in whatever small way we can.

  13. thank you everyone for your compliments. all i ask is we spread common sense :-)

  14. I am Sporean living in JB. Everyday I have to travel back & forth fm SG to JB and from JB to SG. I love living here. I must admit, JB is a very good state but the only thing I hate the most, its when the royal family leaving the palace to SG or to any places they want to visit. Whenever these royal people leaving their palace, for sure there will be a massive jam!! Just imagine I was trapped for about 3 hrs from 6.45am to 9am!! Not once but couple of times. The police officers blocked the customs & road...DUH... In SG, whenever our Ministers or LKY passing by, the most we will see lots of traffic police convoyed our minister's car and "Shooo" the other road users to move to the other lane. In my heart was cursing this Johor Royal Family madly coz am late for work again. Ini namanya sudah menyusahkan rakyat and hukumnya berdosa. Just because they are from Royal Family? Kentut busuk jugak! Their blood is the same color as us unless if its blue than I will shut my mouth. Farah, I agreed on what you wrote above. He's not only a public figure but he's going to be a future ROYAL king! Nauzubillah. Cant he show good example and behave like someone more beradab! By behaving like this, there's a saying - ada ilmu takde akhlak. We are human being after all. Even he's borned in the Royal Family, in ALLAH's eye we are the same.

    1. I am sorry to hear about the ordeal you have to face in JB. I guess what we as the rakyat can do is to start demanding for better behaviour from them. Of course it won't happen in the blink of an eye, we can only pray that they stop menyusahkan the rakyat :-)

  15. I really like your letter..

  16. To Farah,Anonymous Sporean & others who critisized the royals..my advice look at yourself first in the mirror..we are all humans and humans makes mistake...so stop badmouthing others even though..I presumed..you wanted to show off your skill in writing or to be one of the stupid bloggers... Show some respect to others privacy..

    1. what privacy are you talking about? the author wasnt exposing any of TMJs private life. This is not badmouthing, encik. This is called a piece of an advice to your kerabat diraja who felt their standard is as high as the god knows what.

      bila banyak grammar error, org kata pergi belajar english dulu baru ambil hak nak advice the royals. bila dah bagus orang kata nak show off pula.
      berpadalah dalam mengipas makhluk Tuhan.

  17. TMJ will never read this. Trust me