Monday, July 30, 2012

It is not nice to cheat your fans....

Good sense would dictate that if you’re a public figure, and you have a Twitter account, and you have tonnes of followers, you should tweet responsibly. I’ve spoken about this issue countless of times, however today, I would like to do something a little different. When I say tweet responsibly, that generally means having a good twitter etiquette because if you’re famous, that means you are being idolized by many (although in some cases, I honestly don’t know why they are idolized. But anyway.) When so many look up to you, remember that it is only appropriate that you be honest in your tweets. Assuming you came up with a brilliant quote, and you share it on twitter, and this quote is originally yours (which means if I copy paste it into Google search, it won’t appear anywhere else on the net) then it’s okay to do so without putting the open-close inverted commas. See example below.
This is an original quote - it does not require open-close inverted commas.

See now I came up with that line. It belongs to my head. And even if you google it, you won’t find it anywhere else. So that means it’s mine.

What I want to say here is that I find it appalling that some people would simply write down quotes on their Twitter account, without any open-close inverted commas to denote a quote-unquote situation, and of course there’s no credit as to the origin of the quote. Basically, konon2 quote tu hasil dari otak sendiri lah tu. And fans yang beribu ni pun RT lah. “I like your words.” “Your words are an inspiration.” “I like following your Twitter because you say good things.” Bla Bla Bla.

Saya sertakan beberapa contoh quotes that was taken and used without crediting its original source. Attached is also the origin of said quote.

Life is a Succession of Lessons which must be Lived to be Understood.
(belongs to Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.
(Proverb. The first person who uttered this line is not known, but this quote has been around for a long time, and did not come to be just recently.)

Never chase anyone. A person who appreciates You will walk with You.
(A search on Google attributes this quote to someone called Wiz Khalifa. And this line is plastered all across the internet, you can find it almost everywhere.)

Being Cool is, Not trying to be Cool.
(Again there is no trace as to the first person who uttered this quote but it is found everywhere on the internet that a person today just cannot expect to coin this phrase as their own.)

You Never really Understand a person until You consider things from his or hers point of view. 
(This is from the book To Kill A Mockingbird. The original line had no ‘or hers’. That part was added by whoever cedok this quote without bothering to credit Harper Lee.)

In order to succeed, Your desire for Success should be Greater than Your fear of failure.
(Bill Cosby)

I think you pretty much get the point I’m trying to make here. If you still can’t see it, here’s a breakdown to make it easier:

1.       Are you a public figure? If Yes, go to no. 2.
2.       Do you have a Twitter account? If Yes, go to no. 3.
3.       Do you have thousands of followers? If Yes, go to no. 4
4.       Do you have people who hang on to every twit you spew out? If Yes, go to no. 5
5.       Are you not able to come up with original tweets? If Yes, go to no. 6.
6.       Do you like to Google for quotes to copy paste on your Twitter account? If Yes, go to no. 7.
7.       If you answered yes to all of the above, might I suggest the next time you cedok something from the  internet, please use the format given below:

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